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George Thomas

International Lecturer, Healer, Author

After curtailing his career as an attorney in Georgia, George Thomas has become one of the most internationally sought after experts in the world of alternative healing.

As an attorney in Georgia, Mr. Thomas served as advisor to alternative health practitioners. After his three year apprenticeship with a Native American Medicine Man in Black Mountain, North Carolina; his studies and training led him to the Native Medicine Healers to the Rain Forests of Central America, to the Healers of Africa and the highest Buddhist Monks. as well as Traditional European Healers along his pathway of bringing together the traditions of East and West. His message is that of simplicity. His mission is to share the methods, tools and techniques he has gathered in a manner that everyone can understand and use. In this way, everyone is capable of discovering his or her own personal power, for “When we are able to live in our own personal power, there is no more need for us to be sick, angry or hurt as people, families or Nations.”

The understanding and practice of the last thirty years culminate in the teaching that Native truths of all tribal people join in a connective, basic healing thread that binds all cultures together. Understanding that MIND and BODY are not “connected” rather actually the same entity which CANNOT be separated but only viewed from different angles, George Thomas teaches how to change the Mind by changing the Body and how to change the Body by changing the Mind, thus bringing our BODY/MIND into health and happiness.

George Thomas is the author of BODY OF KNOWLEDGE, and LETTERS TO THE MEDICINE MAN. He has been traveling internationally for several years lecturing and conducting healing workshops in North and Central America as well as Europe. His quest is to have us realize that it is simple for us all to understand and obtain good health. Mr. Thomas emphasizes that it is now time to gather our tribes around us for mutual support, health, and happiness.

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