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George Thomas

International Lecturer, Healer, Author

After curtailing his career as an attorney in Georgia, George Thomas has become one of the most internationally sought after experts in the world of alternative healing.

Beginning in 2016 George Thomas began a personal project of dealing with a huge health problem that has plagued his entire family.  Each person in his family has had to deal with cancer.  His parents, his grandparents,
his sister and more family members battled with cancer.  Some of his family died with this disease and others struggled for years with cancer drastically altering their life.  With this illness dominating his families health profile Mr. Thomas meet this adversary head on.  He was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer metastasized to his whole body.  With that
medical condition firmly established he began to self-treat himself to deal with that condition.  After more than a year of spending most of his time and efforts toward becoming cancer free he became symptom free.  In
2018 doctors were astounded that a person they expected to die in a few weeks or months is healthy. Today he is again leading a productive life helping other people deal with and defeat their most feared and dreaded
health issues.  This personal saga has enriched and enlarged his life rather than ending his life.

As a child George Thomas experienced a life threatening childhood illness. The illness was cured by a simple dietary regime. He never forgot the lesson of that illness and a cure that involved no medicine. Because of
his interest in uncomplicated cures for health problems. 

After a close friend of Mr. Thomas was diagnosed with cancer in 1988, he investigated what treatments were available for that friend.  Dissatisfied with his findings, Mr. Thomas curtailed his law practice to devote himself full-time to researching, teaching andpracticing alternative health skills.  Mr. Thomas sought out and studied
with great healers of different cultures including three years with a Native American Medicine Man in Black Mountain, North Carolina, as well as Buddhist Monks of Asia, Healers of Africa and Russia for his studies to
become a Holistic Healer.

Now considered to be one of the foremost experts in the field of alternative healing, Mr. Thomas observed the  central theme that runs through all natural healing—that of simplicity:   We, as a group, already know everything we need to know for good health. We already have access to more medicines and health techniques than anyone could use. What we need to and can do is to undertake the job of guarding our own health. He encourages people to notice that no one else, especially the government, is doing this for us and furthermore, that the people who benefit from bad health have educated us to believe that good health is expensive and complicated.

For several years now he has been traveling internationally both lecturing and conducting healing workshops, teaching powerful and easily performed manipulations and tools, so that we can maintain and improve our own
health.  It is his quest to have us realize that good health is simple to understand and obtainable for us all. Working with the Native American tradition has convinced Mr. Thomas that we must gather our own tribe
around us now so that we can survive in this increasingly troubled world.

Some topics of study with Mr. George Thomas

 Working with the energy of the body and of the earth
 Body Reading
 Body Straightening
 Healing with Color and Sound
 Developing Intuition
 Spiritual Travel
 Recognizing and changing family patterns
 Ending the war between men and women

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