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Interview with George

 Q. You are part of what is called the alternative health movement. What is the alternative health movement?
A. Every practitioner that is not an allopathic doctor is thrown into a group called alternative practice so that term means not an M. D.

Sometimes allopathic doctors are called traditional doctors. Really the alternative practitioners are the traditional practitioners. The things that the MD does are brand new compared to what most alternative practitioners do.

 Chiropractors are called alternative practitioners, even though chiropractors have been around for a good long time. The use of vitamins and food supplements to improve health is also called alternative medicine.

Q. What do you tell people about their health problems?

A. I tell people that their health problems are not a mysterious or unlucky accident. I would never say, “no one knows why a disease will affect one person and not affect another.” I tell people that they are in charge of their own health. What they do affects their health every day of their lives, no matter what their health is today, it can be different tomorrow.

Q. How did you learn what you teach?

A. I have been a life long observer of the patterns in people’s lives and I apprenticed to an experienced healer. It is foolish to try to learn on our own what some one else already learned.

Q. How long does it take to learn how to be a healer?

A. Everyone can help other people improve their health. When helping other people becomes an intense desire, simple healing technique can be learned in a matter of days. Once these simple tools are learned they must be practiced to gain mastery. Anyone who has a sincere interest in helping others can learn enough tools in a few months to become a powerful healer.

Q. Do you teach the healing techniques?

A. Yes, the main thrust of what I do is teach. Every person has talents or abilities unique to them. My joy is to recognize individuals with exceptional healing talent and increase these abilities.

Q. Don’t people need to be in school for years before they are taught to have this power as a healer?

A. No. The techniques we use are not dangerous. I don’t recommend a supplement if it isn’t safe. We don’t do surgery or recommend pharmaceuticals. I never suggest to anyone that they substitute my judgment for their judgment. I say, “try this and then you decide if you get the results you want.” We must learn to cooperate with the body instead of trying to dominate the body. The biggest difference in what most alternative practitioners do is pointed out by your question. Medical doctors use such strong medicines that their medicine can injure or kill. I don’t think we must use that kind of medicine. The first rule of healing is “do no harm.”

Q. What can you tell us about studying herbs? You use herbs and food supplements as an important part of what you do.

A. Just as in other fields, the information revolution has influenced the practice of herbal medicine. The information in hundreds of books is instantaneously available with a computer. The computer program I use lists thousands of herbs, with their different names, their dosage, and any side effects they are known to have. A research reference showing the effectiveness of herbs is there at the touch of a button. The same computer program includes definitions of the technical words used to describe the herbs, and even gives me colored pictures of the growing herb. Since information about herbs is so readily available via the computer, what is important for the student is to acquire practical experience with people.

Q. What are the differences between natural herbs or supplements and pharmaceutical drugs?

A. The big difference is in the strength of the preparation. Many pharmaceuticals are based on natural plants. The manufacturers isolate the active ingredient of these plants, and synthesize the active ingredient in a laboratory. The pharmaceutical is thereby made stronger and this artificial preparation can be protected by patent. The manufacturers make the pharmaceutical so strong that some users are injured or die, however that is an accepted risk in that industry. Natural supplements are not so dangerous. Because the herbs are not as strong, I never say ”just take this pill and everything should be OK” I suggest several, or many, things the person can do to help themselves in addition to herbal remedies.

Q. People think of herbs when they think of natural medicine. Are there other natural medicines?

A. Yes there are numerous types of natural healing that are gaining wide spread acceptance. These all share one common understanding. In alternative medicine everything in a persons life is important. Food is your medicine. Your family and friends are medicine. We teach people to straighten, relax, and move their bodies. We often urge people to change jobs when they have a job that is killing them. The future is bright for many types of alternative energy medicines. It is possible to make a medicine that has no active chemical ingredients; instead the medicine has an energy pattern that affects the body. Homeopathic medicines work this way.

Q. What techniques and tools do you use to heal?

A. I use dozens of tools. I like those things that are simple and which make immediate changes. Touch is very powerful. Healing touch is part of every traditional culture in the world. Bathing and water healing is inexpensive and available to everyone. Correct breathing can heal or improve every person. There is a mental aspect or pattern that accompanies every illness. When you change the mental pattern, the illness disappears.

Q. The techniques and tools you describe as healing tools must take years to learn, yet you say people can become a healer with a small investment of time, how is that possible?

A. Just as a carpenter has a whole box of tools, the healer can have a lot of options. A carpenter with only a hammer is still important when work with a hammer is required. A healer can begin with one tool that is easily learned with a few hours practice. The healer, just like the carpenter, becomes a master healer with lots of practice, and the ability to use many tools. A problem develops when the craftsperson tries to make every problem respond to the tool the craftsperson is most comfortable using. Alternative medicine is not alone in this need to use the best tool for the job, rather than trying to force the job to fit the tool.

Q. Is it legal to be a healer? Aren’t there laws that prevent people from practicing medicine without a license?

A. It is illegal to practice medicine unless you are a licensed physician. Healers are primarily educators. We teach people to take care of themselves. There is no law that prohibits teaching. In addition to our role as teachers, most states have a provision in the laws allowing people to put into practice their spiritual beliefs. In the Native American tradition your physical well-being is a reflection of your spiritual well-being.
I do not practice medicine. The expectations and responsibilities inherent in the medicine system is a shame. The legal and economic systems that dictate to the doctors are not acceptable to me. I will not allow people to make me as responsible for their health, as they try to do with medical doctors.

Q. Tell me more about responsibility and healing. You seem to emphasize that word?

A. Some people abuse themselves and then think the medical system has a responsibility to cure them. No one is responsible for you, except yourself. Our society cannot afford to be responsible for foolish choices. I hear people say “my doctors decided the best treatment for me.” When you relinquish your power of choice in life, you surrendered your strength and dignity.

Q. What is the patient’s responsibility in their health program and what responsibility does the doctor have?

A. Language is wonderful. We can learn so much when we pay attention to the words people use. The word patient implies a certain type of relationship. Doctors have patients, and patients have doctors. This is a sort of ownership relationship. The result of this relationship is that the doctors feel trapped, and the patient feels abandoned or cheated when everything is not as the patient hoped it would be. People who are sick are still responsible for their life. Illness does not remove responsibility. The duty of the healer is to be an excellent model of health. The best healers are often people who faced life-threatening illness and survived.

Q. Can you give us practical solutions for real problems on a program like this, or do people have to come see you to be treated?

A. I am glad to give real answers to common problems people face. Get a pencil and I will give you some wonderful recipes that I use all the time. Many folks have problems breathing. This recipe helps with all sorts of breathing problems. Mix equal amounts of these three essential oils: Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint oils. Put about five drops of this oil mixture in a cup and pour one-half cup of boiling water on the drops of oil. Gently breath the vapor from these oils deep into your lungs. When the liquid cools, drink the contents of the cup. Do this for a daily for two weeks and see what differences you notice. This recipe is safe and it can be used by just about anyone. If you have a low back pain try taking some magnesium. Get this magnesium at the health food store. Try to purchase the New Chapter brand of magnesium. Take the amount suggested on the package.

Q. How long does it take to be cured of diseases like cancer or arthritis?

A. It is possible for people to go to a certain place in themselves where disease is created and make a decision to rid themselves of that disease. This type of cure is almost instantaneous. I have seen this happen many times. How you get to this place is one of the great healing techniques. I spend a lot of time teaching this skill.
It is the nature of the human body to heal itself. The healer can encourage the healing by knowing what the body requires, and cooperating with the body to get what the body requires, when the blocks to the healing are removed, the healing can be quite speedy.

Q. What part of illness is mental and what part of illness is physical?

A. Illness is both mental and physical. The two things cannot be separated. It is silly to try to see only one part of any problem and pretend that the other part does not exist. Fortunately if an illness is both mental and physical that gives you two avenues to cure the disease.

Q. What do you think are the main causes of sickness in our society? For example are the increasing health problems because of poisons in the environment?

A. The first cause of disease is that we inherit certain mental and physical patterns that cause difficulties. We are born to learn from and overcome these problems. The second cause of disease is that men and women, who are both powerful beings, are engaged in a struggle that impacts the lives of both. Serious illness and death is the result of this struggle. This struggle between the sexes, like most struggles, is a great lesson. The third cause of illness is the poisons we surround ourselves with, and willingly consume.

Q. What is the Native American viewpoint on the end of life?

A. In the Indian way of life, death is not an unwanted or unplanned event that ruins life. Death is a part of life that needs as much planning and concern as any other part of life. Death requires as much dignity as life. Courage and strength at the time of death are hallmarks of a good death. Death is not so good if you are drugged into unconsciousness, or if you have all your decision-making powers stolen from you. Indians understand that they have a cycle to complete. This cycle includes birth, growth, learning, teaching, and death. Each step must be willingly lived in order that the individual be strong. Death is part of a healthy life and must be carefully prepared for after all the other duties of life are carefully fulfilled.

Q. I understand that you work in the Native American tradition. Do you use the traditional methods of other countries?

A. Yes. The wisdom of all our ancestors is the greatest inheritance we can claim. Honoring our ancestors is the greatest honor we can give.

Q. What are some of the best healing methods from other countries?

A. Massage from Thailand. Macrobiotics from the Japanese tradition. Accupressure from China. The use of sexual energy from the Polynesian cultures. The understanding of body types from India. Breathing techniques from most traditional cultures. All these are extremely useful, and this list could never be finished.

Q. What is happening in the churches with regard to health? Are ministers taking a different role than they have in the past?

A. Absolutely. I was in England and visited West Minister Cathedral. This is one of the oldest and most conservative churches in the western world. That church posted a notice of healing touch services held in the cathedral. Many churches in America are charging the elders of the church with the duty to touch and heal the sick. Churches are remembering that there is a connection between the spiritual body and the physical body. Churches want more people in their services, they also want more of the spirit of life in their members. Churches realize that people need to return to the church before they are on death’s door.

Q. What do you see as the future of health care in America? What role will a healer play in future health systems?

A. Your life is your own. Anyone who makes your decisions for you is trying to steal your life. In the future, doctors will not want to be so important and make decisions for everyone else. Doctors will educate their customers about their choices, and help the customer purchase what the customer wants. Life is not so complicated that the ordinary person is incapable of understanding how they work. The information necessary to make good decisions will be more available and people will know better how utilize this information. The healer who is not a MD will continue to be a source of information and support for the person who must make the choice of when and how to live and die.

Copyright 1998 George Thomas

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